Case Studies

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Case Studies

We find great satisfaction in the long-term relationships we build with our clients. We are grateful for their trust in us and find great joy in adding value. Below is a sample of a few of our projects.

Eighteen Wheeler Truck

Turnaround – Logistics

A change in management, together with key changes in the business, put the company in crisis. We worked with the owners to boost cash reserves in the short term and quickly move to a path of profitability.


Corporate Development – O&G

A business owner in the O&G space wanted to quickly expand into new markets. We helped the owner find and purchase a business that wasn’t for sale. Our client acquired the business at a discount and the unique service lines of the acquired business enabled our client to expand into new markets.

Oil Rig
Manufacturer Shop Floor

Growth Strategy – Manufacturing

The owners of a profitable manufacturing business felt the strains of growth. Various priorities competed for their time and the company considered multiple avenues of growth. We worked with the owners to refine their growth strategy and bolster their management team. The changes in the business led to greater profitability and more time for the owners to focus on what was most meaningful to them – and the business benefited from their intentional focus and expertise.


Growth Strategy – B2B Services

The executive team of a B2B services firm struggled to achieve meaningful growth. We helped transform the sales organization and the company reached historic levels of profitability.

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